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Fancy a Challenge?


Despite the current Financial Challenges, we believe that these are merely challenges.

This just means that we need to find new routes to market, some borne from new ideas, embracing new technology and innovative methodology, some borne by revisiting historical marketing methods prevalent during the last periods of depressed markets.

It is this commitment to enterprise and innovation that businesses have come to expect from our team, and from the projects that we are involved with.

What we do


We recognise that other Countries may have products that offer solutions to our Clients. We also recognise that products from other Countries need to be adapted to U.K. requirements and procedures, it’s all a part of our sourcing strategy.


We don’t believe in standing still, whether it’s enhancing the functionality of our current products or sourcing products to Clients’ specifications, we are a can-do company!.


Product support is key to a successful relationship with our Clients. We will go the extra mile to make sure our Customers are supported either through self help information access or direct support from the team.

Our Preferred Partners

Behind every successful business are the Companies that contribute along the way, Integrity Enterprises recognise that support, (it’s a team thing!), and would commend our ‘preferred partners’

  • Steroplast


    Leading Manufacturer of  First Aid Equipment
  • Centurian Net

    Centurian Net
    Hosting Design and Support 

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